Ways To Dispose Of Dog Poop, That Are Environmentally-Friendly

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When it comes to managing your dog’s waste in an environmentally responsible way, there are three choices you can consider. You can either flush it, throw it away or use a compost bin. If you don’t want to leave an unsightly mess around your neighborhood or contribute toxic contamination to the local ecosystem, you may want to consider a more ecologically conscious approach. In that regard, below are a few “Ways To Dispose Of Dog Poop, That Are Environmentally-Friendly”.

Throwing Poop Away

Using poop bags are certainly an option. However, poop bags that are marketed as biodegradable, don’t always properly decompose. Your average biodegradable poop bag has been said to take from 10 to 1000 years to break down in land fills. 

Corn based bags and petroleum based bags are more commonly used by eco conscious consumers. Furthermore, even though corn based bags are a little pricier, they satisfy a higher biodegradable standard. 

The ASTM D6400 is a qualification that means that the poop bags will break down within a certain amount of time and under certain conditions. However, it is important to note, that no matter how well a bag meets biodegradable standards, it will still take some time to break down in a landfill.


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Flushing Poop

Just like toilet paper, there are disposable poop bags that can be flushed down the toilet. They are typically made from a water soluble material, which is called Polyvinyl Alcohol. However, before you commit, it would help to be mindful of your local water treatment policies. Find out if they even permit flushing your pet’s poop. Some regions may not be able to process the pathogens found in dog poop. Also, homes with older pipes may potentially clog.

Note: Another thing to be aware of, is that you should not bury or flush cat waste. Cat poop pathogens, decompose in a different way than dog poop and should be treated differently.

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Composting Poop

Dog poop has pathogens that should not find their way into your food, so it would not be ideal to mix it with your regular compost for gardening.  However, there are composting bins that are designed to have doggy waste placed in them, so that it is separate from your usable compost. Compost bins are sold in different models, sizes and can help with managing doggy poop.

In conclusion, when it comes to disposing of dog waste, there are no perfect solutions or magic bullets. However, the above suggestions can help you to make an informed decision, on how to manage your dog’s waste, in a responsible manner. Thanks for reading “Ways To Dispose Of Dog Poop, That Are Environmentally-Friendly”.