The Benefits of Wet Dog Food

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When it comes to choosing an appropriate meal type for your dog—wet or dry dog food—you may be a little unsure. Wet and Dry Dog Food have their advantages and ultimately, consulting a veterinarian is the best place to start, when considering a meal routine. However, with that being said, you still might want to know about the benefits of wet dog food. In that regard, below is a brief listing of “The Benefits of Wet Dog Food”.

1. Variation
There are many different forms of wet dog food, which comes in different flavors and textures. When coupled with a smell that is appetizing, wet dog food can be an appealing choice for choosy canines.

2. Softer To Chew
Because of the texture, wet dog food can be a lot easier on your dog’s teeth and gums.

3. Long Shelf Life 
Wet dog food can keep for a long time if not opened, but should always be refrigerated when it’s opened.

4. Good Points About Dry Food

  • Easy to portion
  • Easy to prepare
  • Bigger sized bags
  • Lasts longer when opened
  • Kibble can be used with puzzles
  • Wet is usually more expensive

5. Can Be Mixed
Wet dog food can be mixed with dry dog food, so that your dog can have both meal types in one sitting. However, be sure to consider the fact that the food will spoil faster when it’s mixed.

Wet Dog Food Concerns

  • Has more fat then dry dog food
  • Can contribute to tarter build-up
    more than dry dog food.
  • Bisphenol-A(BPA) is a chemical that might be
    lined in cans and plastic containers of wet dog food,
    which might have a negative effect on your dogs health.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing a proper meal type for your dog, it’s important to understand your dog’s specific needs and likes. Also, you may want to consider his health, breed and life stage.

All of these issue can be addressed when you consult a veterinarian about your dog’s meal plan, which should be the first step.

The above list can help you get an idea of the benefits of wet dog food, but your vet can guide you to what is appropriate. Thanks for reading “The Benefits of Wet Dog Food”.