Are Dog Rope Toys Safe?

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As a dog owner, you know how important it is to schedule some much needed playtime with your dog. Furthermore, you’re probably looking for a toy that can make playtime worth your dog’s while. In that regard, a common goto is a rope toy. However, “Are Dog Rope Toys Safe”? Before you decide on buying a rope toy for your dog, the information below can help you have a clearer understanding as to whether or not rope toys are safe for dogs.

The Hazards of Rope Toys
Whenever your dog is playing with, gnawing on or chewing a rope toy, they run the risk of digesting strings of rope. This is considered more hazardous than consuming plastic, cotton or rubber. The veterinarian term for these strings of rope are called “Linear Foreign Bodies”, which are considered to be quite dangerous to your dog’s body. 

It’s in your dog’s best health interest to see the vet, if you suspect that he has swallowed a “Linear Foreign Body”.

How Digested Rope Strands Effect Your Dog
One side of a long piece of rope—that is digested—can be stuck in the upper intestines, while the other side can be caught in the stomach. When the dog’s  body tries to move the strand through the digestive system, the strand can tighten, creating a drawstring effect, just as it does in clothing.

If this happens to your dog, it can cause him to have a very painful experience. If nothing is done to help the situation, the string can pull the intestines into a constricting ball. Also, cuts can occur where the string presses into the wall of the intestines.

If the above doesn’t happen, then there is still the chance that your dog can gnaw off and digest little pieces of the rope. This can also be a problem in that, the swallowed pieces can accumulate, causing a blockage in the intestines of your dog—like a block in a drain pipe.

In Conclusion
Rope toys may not be an ideal choice if you want to make your vet visits less frequent. Ultimately the choice is up to you, but if you’re looking for an alternative to rope toys, then you can consider “Fetch Toys“. Thanks for reading “Are Dog Rope Toys Safe?”