If you’re traveling a long distance with your dog, it may seem like a major task to prepare before hand. However, with a few simple tips, you can make the journey with your beloved pet a smooth trip. In that regard, below is a short list of 7 tips for safety and security to help you learn “How To Travel With A Dog”.

Prepare your car

There are plenty of floor covers and car seats, you can buy to help keep your car clean and your pet secure.

Restrain Your Dog In The Car While Traveling

In general, it is unsafe for pets to move around in the car while it is in motion. Simply because, it’s just too distracting to the driver. Also, in the event of an accident and the air bags deploy, your dog can be seriously injured, if he’s in the front seat.

It’s ideal for pets to be safely placed inside a carrier, that has been securely strapped to the back seat. Be sure that the carrier can accommodate your dog’s size, allowing him to lie down, stand and comfortably change positions. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you begin your journey, practice taking small trips with your dog. Overtime, gradually increase the length of time, so that your dog becomes accustomed to being in the car for a long period of time.

Don’t Feed And Drive

Be sure to give your pet a light meal, 3 to 4 hours before you start your trip. If during the trip you want to feed your dog, stop the car to feed him. This technique will help you avoid car sickness.
Don’t Leave Him Alone

Be sure not to leave your dog alone in the car, when it is parked. When the temperature is above 70°F or lower than 35°F, it becomes an issue of safety.

Make A Doggy Travel Kit

When you make a Doggy Travel Kit, be sure to include your dog’s most up-to-date health records—for example, current immunizations or rabies vaccinations. Pack any necessary medications your dog may need during the trip. Bring food, water, bowls and whatever items you need to clean-up after your dog. Also, include some toys and a first aid kit.

Identify Your Doggy

Make sure your dog is wearing a collar, that has an I.D. tag. This tag should have your home address and cell phone number on it. If the trip you’re going on is really long, consider preparing a temporary tag with the number and address of your destination.

Keep His Head Inside

Even though it seems cute for your dog to stick his head out the window, this is definitely not a good idea while traveling. If you should suddenly slam on the break, become involved in an accident or random debris flies at your dog, he can be severely injured. It’s ideal to keep him in a carrier, that is strapped into the seat.

In conclusion, preparing to travel with your dog doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, the suggestions above can help to make this task effortless. If you put safety first, then you are well on your way to having a great trip. Thanks for reading “How To Travel With A Dog”.