How To Train A Dog To Sleep On A Dog Bed

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Getting your dog to sleep on his dog bed is not always a simple task. You’ll have to make sure you touch a few bases, before your best bud(s) decides to get comfortable. 

For starters, if you want your dog to accept his new bed, it’s important to choose a bed that best suits him. If you have a small dog, you may want to consider a small bed that has raised sides. 

If you have a larger sized dog, it may be more appropriate to have a large bed that doesn’t have raised sides. Just as with humans, comfort is the most important concern, so you’ll need a bed that his body will love. 

Also, keep treats on hand to reward him when he lies on the bed in an acceptable manner. Below are a few more tips on “How To Train A Dog To Sleep On A Dog Bed”.

The Best Resting Spot Method

Choose A Good Place

When deciding where you’re going to place the dog bed, you’ll want to consider his favorite places in the home. Most of the time, your dog’s favorite spot is right next to your bed—but not always. He may want to rest in a spot where, he can best guard the home—for example the living room. It’s your job to find out what’s the best spot, so that your dog willingly sleeps on his bed.


Consider using a command that your dog recognizes as a call to go to bed. When your dog responds appropriately—ideally by lying on his bed—reward him with a treat.


Practice makes perfect. Use the “Going To Bed” command, whenever you want your dog to lie on their bed. If you use the command sporadically throughout the day, he’ll remember it at night.


At bedtime, say the command. If your dog does not respond appropriately, walk him over to the bed, while saying the command. Don’t forget to give him a treat, once he lies down. It may take a few nights, but after awhile, he should be able to lie on his dog bed unassisted. 


If your dog gets out of bed throughout the night, you can try to coax him back to bed with a treat. You should only try this once or he will come to expect this every night. 

In conclusion, getting your dog to sleep on their dog bed, doesn’t have to be a chore. A few simple techniques can safely and effectively help your dog and you get more sleep at night. Thanks for reading “How To Train A Dog To Sleep On A Dog Bed”.