How To Train A Dog To Pee On A Pad

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If you live in a high rise apartment building or in an area where the weather is inclement, you may be looking for an alternative to routinely walking your dog. If this is the case, one option to consider, is to train your dog to pee indoors, on potty training pads. In that regard, below are a few suggestions on “How To Train A Dog To Pee On A Pad”.
Limit His Access

Supervise your dog, while he is on a leash and standing in a confined area—with a floor that’s simple to clean. Once your dog looks like he’s ready to do his business, choose a word like “Potty” or “Poop” and say it, while quickly taking him to his pad. Give him praise and treats once he uses the pad properly. Try this in a limited area, like a kennel pen. If you let your dog have access to the whole house while training, you’ll increase the likelihood of a training mistake. If this happens, he might pee or poop in the wrong place repeatedly.


Don’t Punish

Punishing your dog, will only teach him to go at a time when you’re not around. So, try not to yell or use phrases like “Bad Dog”. When you clean-up his mistake, be sure to use enzyme based cleaners.

Create A Space For Him

Set-up a kennel pen, area or room where your dog can stay while you’re away from the house. Make sure that the floor is covered with training pads. Also, leave food, water and toys in the pen with him. After a few days—2 or 3—take away one pad. In two more days, take away one more pad. After two more days, take away another pad. Continue this routine until there is only one pad left. If he pees outside the remaining pad, place the other pads back in his area and begin again.
Create A Feeding Schedule

If your dog eats two times a day, consider a morning feeding. Place the bowl down for 15 minutes, then take it away, whether he is finished or not. This we’ll teach him to eat when his food is given and he’ll be less likely to have accidents throughout the day.

Routinely Guide Him To His Pad, So That He Can Use It

Every 2 to 3 hours, guide your pet on a leash to his pad. Also, try to do this after meals, play times and sleep times. Don’t forget to give him some treats for a job well done. Just stand with him on the pad, until he does his business. After 5 minutes, you can walk him away.

Keep up this technique for two weeks. If potty pad training mistakes happen less frequently, you can start to give him more freedom. Don’t forget to give him treats when he uses the pads properly, but if accidents happen again, repeat the above suggestions. Thanks for reading “How To Train A Dog To Pee On A Pad”.