How To Deshed Your Dog

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A Deshedding Tool is a brushing instrument, that is made out of metal and plastic, for the use of extracting loose hair from the coat of your dog. Deshedders come in all shapes, sizes and styles to accommodate different dog coats. The teeth(tines) of deshedders are designed to act like a comb or brush, that can grab and pull-out excess hair. It’s a tool that is made for year round usage, ideal for high shed seasons and can extract most of the loose hair from his coat, before it ends up all over the house. With that being said, below are a few tips on “How To Deshed Your Dog” with a deshedder.

Getting Your Dog Used To Grooming

It’s common for dogs to like their coat to be gently brushed and they typically respond to shedding the same way. If he’s reluctant at first, give him a little praise and feed him a few doggy snacks while using the deshedder.

  • When using your deshedder, it’s ideal to perform long strokes
  • Be sure to stroke in the direction your dog’s hair grows
  • Make careful strokes that are soft
  • Try to be careful around your dog’s hips, spine and any areas where bones are present
  • When you begin, make a few passes over the same area. With each stroke,
    the deshedder will pick-up more and more hair
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Considerations & Concerns
  • Their’s many different deshedder styles, try to get one that is appropriate for your dog
  • Routine grooming with a deshedder, can thoroughly extract fur, so get ready for
    piles of hair to accumulate, the first several times you use it. 
  • After a few uses, you may notice less hair being extracted—this is normal
  • Try not to damage the deshedder tines when pulling out knots, tangles or
    dropping the deshedder
  • Deshedders are ideal for heavy shedding
  • To avoid clogging, clean the tool as you go

In conclusion, a deshedder is an ideal tool to manage your dog’s shedding issues. Deshedders come in many different styles, sizes and shapes, so it helps to take the time to find one that suits your dog. Once you find one you like, you can use the above tips to help you get started grooming your dog. Thanks for reading “How To Deshed Your Dog”.