How Are Dog Anxiety Wraps Helpful?

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An anxiety wrap is a vest that is made to calm your dog during stressful events. The anxiety vest essentially acts like a hug or a swaddle cloth that wraps a baby. The idea is that the pressure can produce a calm and relaxing effect, when the vest wraps around the torso of your dog. To better understand “How Dog Anxiety Wraps Are Helpful?”, let’s take a closer look at the causes and effects of anxiety.

Causes of Canine Anxiety
  • Loud Noises(Thunder Storms)
  • Strangers In The Home
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Traveling
  • Grooming
  • Separation From Owner(s)
  • New Pets
  • Strange Animals Outside
Effects of Canine Anxiety
  • Trembling
  • Panting
  • Barking
  • Whining
  • Constant Pacing
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Pawing At The Door
  • Hiding
  • Running Out The House
  • Persistant Clawing
How Does An Anxiety Wrap Help?

A properly fitted anxiety wrap, can apply pressure to the sides and back of a dog’s chest. Just like a hug, the gentle pressure can help to release endorphins, which give a feeling of wellness.

Do Anxiety Wraps Work?

It’s important to mention, that the best way to help your dog with his anxiety, is to address the source of the problem. That being said, there isn’t any empirical evidence that indicates how effective anxiety wraps are and opinions about it vary, although there are some that seem to notice a calming difference. However, this difference may be the result of your dog feeling restricted. So, it is important to watch your dog carefully for signs of discomfort. Overall, the common consensus is that it couldn’t hurt.

What’s The Best Practice For Canine Anxiety?

Be Present

When your dog is experiencing something traumatic like a storm or fire works, it’s calming to know that he can run to you—which he will. It may help to talk in a low calming tone, while petting him. But do this sporadically, as it might encourage her anxious behavior.

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Make A Calm Environment

Create a space that your dog can retreat to when strangers come to the house or when a storm occurs. If possible, choose a room in the house that is most resistant to sound. Keep toys, treats and bedding in this room. Consider diffusing the room with pheromones and stay with your dog, reassuring him with calming words. Try playing some soothing music to help calm your pet and mask outside noises.

Be Relaxed

It’s important that you stay calm, cool and collected, as your dog will only mimic your emotions and behavior. If you are nervous, try to hide it, while reassuring your dog by not being overly concerned with the current situation. Your dog will take his cue from you.

In conclusion, anxiety can be a miserable experience for your dog, but you can help him through it with the few basic suggestions mentioned above. In addition, the anxiety wrap can also be a good alternative method of giving a sense of loving security. Furthermore, experience is the best teacher and over time, you’ll know through trial and error, what will work for your dog. Thanks for reading, “How Are Dog Anxiety Wraps Helpful?”.