Collars Vs. Harnesses: Pros and Cons

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When walking your dog, it’s important to use the right tools, if you want to maintain control of your pet, avoid injuries/accidents and prevent losing him. To do these things, you’ll either need a harness, a collar or both.

In regards to using a harness and/or collar, you may be wondering about their pros and cons. Below are some brief points to consider, in order to help you make a more informed decision, when deciding what you need.

Collar Pros
  • Collars can conveniently stay on all the time
  • Collars can hold your pet’s I.D.
Collar Cons
  • Collars can contribute to injuries to the neck
  • If attached to a leash, it can suddenly yank the neck
Harness Pros
  • A harness removes the pressure from your dog’s neck
  • A harness distributes pressure across the back and chest
  • A harness helps to prevent neck injuries—specifically the trachea 
  • A harness provides better control over the dog
  • A harness can appropriately handle big dogs
  • A harness can appropriately handle hyperactive dogs
Harness Cons

It doesn’t give much control to dogs with behavior issues. Jumping, pulling on the leash and displays of aggression are all issues that a harness can’t do much against.

How to choose

First, the decision is ultimately yours, these are merely suggestions and considerations that can help you to make a more informed decision. 

That being said, collars are typically for dogs that won’t jerk the leash or quickly run after a distraction—risking neck injury.

Harnesses are generally used for dogs that need to be controlled more. If your dog tends to pull on the leash, is large in size or is hyperactive, then a harness might be worth considering.

Typically, the experts commonly suggest the use of a harness to avoid neck injuries and it’s a useful training tool. However, collars are still effective to carry your dog’s I.D. Both the collar and the harness can work well together to perform the tasks there best at doing. Thanks for reading ”Collar Vs. Harness: Pros and Cons“.