7 Reasons Why You Should Scoop Dog Poop

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It can sometimes be a chore to clean-up after your beloved dog. So much so, that you may question why it’s necessary to clean-up dog poop. You may even think that you’re fertilizing the soil and doing a good thing for the ecosystem. However, you might want to reconsider that line of thinking.

Besides the fact that dog poop is an unsightly, smelly mess, there are a few other reasons, why you should consider scooping your dog’s poop. In that regard, below is a list of “7 Reasons Why You Should Scoop Dog Poop”.

Dog poop is bad for the environment

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that three days worth of poop from 100 dogs, can contain enough bacteria to briefly shut down all watershed areas and bays that are within 20 miles of shell fishing and swimming.

Dog poop is bad for your dog’s health

If your dog is sick, then viruses can transfer through droppings that are made in the yard. The more time these contaminated droppings stay on the ground, the chances of viral spread becomes greater. If this waste is not picked up, the chances of other animals becoming infected are increased.

Dog poop is bad for a humans health

Dog poop contains bacteria and parasites, which can be given to people and make them sick.

Dog poop is unhealthy for children

Children that play in the backyard are at risk as well. Since they don’t wash their hands as frequently as they should, the bacteria can be passed to them through touch.


Dog poop doesn’t vanish into thin air

Parasites, worms and bacteria live in dog poop. When the dog waste breaks down, it passes into the soil  then into the water supply. Roundworm is known for thriving in dog poop and can be infectious for years in water and soil.

Dog poop attracts rodents

Dog waste is an attractant to rodents and other pests. This is commonly seen in underdeveloped communities. Rodents can bring about numerous health issues and decrease the property value in the community.

Dog poop is not fertilizer

A dog’s diet consists of commercial pet products that are not good for the enrichment of soil. Letting dog poop accumulate in a specific area, can have a bad effect on the soil.

In conclusion, the above list is just a few reason as to why being responsible for cleaning up after your dog, is so important to the community and the environment. Thanks for reading “7 Reasons Why You Should Scoop Dog Poop”.