3 Quality Quick Release Collars

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If you’re looking for a collar that’s durable, but is safe for your dog—who’s bounding with energy—then you might want to consider a Quality Quick Release Collar.

Heavy Duty Quick Release Collars are designed to release, when a reasonable amount of pressure is put on the buckle, but not when your dog’s overzealous energy pulls the leash.

This can come in handy at day cares, dog parks or any outdoor occasion where an unfortunate accident can happen, requiring your dog to break out of his collar.

With that being said, below are “3 Quality Quick Release Collars” that might be suitable to your dog’s needs.

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3. Premium Dog Collar

By Roam 

Roam offers a Premium, Heavy Duty, Nylon Quick Release Collar with a Metal Buckle. It’s made from a nylon that’s double layered and stitched with durability in mind. The metal is rust-proof and the rubber logo is stain resistant. The quick release buckle is designed for smooth locking and releasing. It also has a D-ring for leash and/or tag attachment. The roam collar is available in three different sizes, so that you can pick a size that is suited to your dog.

2. Premium Nylon Dog Collar
with a Metal Buckle

By Country Brook Design

Country Brook Design offers a Premium Nylon & Metal Buckle, Quick Release Dog Collar. It’s available in 26 colors and the material is a strong and dense nylon that’s durable. This collar has a quick release buckle with round edges, that makes for a more comfortable fit. It also has a D-Ring for leash and tag attachment.

1. Reflective Dog Collar

By Joytale

Joytale offers a Quick Release, Reflective Dog Collar, that’s designed to help your dog be visible at night. The material is a highly reflective nylon and a durable neoprene rubber. It’s available in 5 sizes and 12 different colors, so as to find a color that is best suited for your dog. The length of the quick release buckle can be easily adjusted and there is a metal loop for which you can add your dog’s leash or tags. 

In conclusion, an overactive dog can benefit from a Heavy Duty, Quick Release Collar for two reasons, safety and durability. If your dog spends a lot of his time outdoors and getting into entanglements, you’ll feel better knowing that he’s wearing a collar, that he can quickly break out of should the need arise.

Furthermore, a useful collar isn’t so sensitive, that it releases with the slightest agitation. A good collar is durable, sturdy and only releases under a reasonable amount of pressure.

In that regard, the above “3 Quality Quick Release Collars” can help you in your search in finding a premium collar, that is well suited for your dog. Thanks for reading.