3 Quality Kennel Pens

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If you have a litter of pet offsprings or several small animals, then you’re probably looking for a containment method. Keeping new born pups in a cardboard box, may not be the best way to go.

An ideal method of containing small animals in the home or outdoors, would be to use a kennel pen. They’re easy to assemble and are typically designed to be portable and easily storable.

However, it would be ideal to get a strong, durable kennel pen, that will accommodate the number of pets you need to contain. In that regard, below are “3 Quality Kennel Pens” to consider for a suitable choice to contain your pets.

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3. Pet Enclosure
With Lockable Pet Door

By MyPet

MyPet offers Petyard Passage, an espresso brown, freestanding, Kennel Pen Enclosure that is available with 4, 6 or 8 panels. The size of the pen can be changed, by removing or adding 2 panels at a time. The size is 26 inches high and can fence a space of up to 34.4 square feet. This pen is made out of a strong plastic and is designed with swinging, lockable doors that allow your pet to enter and exit. The MyPet, PetYard Passage, Kennel Pen, also comes with mark resistant pads, that help to protect floors. It can be easily folded, carried by it’s strap and stored. This Kennel Pen is designed for indoor/outdoor use.

2. Portable,
Foldable Pet Playpen

By Zampa

Zampa offers a red/tan, Foldable Pet Kennel, that is designed to be portable and resistant to water. This Kennel Pen is made for indoor/outdoor use, has 8 panels, is roomy and has pockets on the outside that can hold pet supplies, bottles of water, etc. It’s not necessary to assemble this pen. It’s designed to immediately pop-up, then when you’re done, it can fold flat for storage or travel. The rods that hold this kennel together are metal and the entire pen is 45x45x24 inches. There are several sizes from which to choose.

1. Foldable, Metal, Exercise
Pen & Pet Playpen

By New World Pet Products

New World Pet Products offers a Black, Foldable, Exercise Pen that has a metal wire frame design. It has 8 panels, which can enclose 16 square feet—suitable for dogs of up to 16 inches high. It’s designed to be portable and for indoor/outdoor usage. Assembly is simple, just connect the panels together to make the enclosure shape. This Metal Exercise Pen is ideal for puppies, small animals—non-climbing—rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs and turtles.

In conclusion, having multiple pets can be tough to manage, if you don’t have anywhere to safely and securely put them. You’ll need an enclosure that’s designed to hold animals in a humane way. Kennel pens are an ideal choice for this task. The above list of kennel pens are a good place to start, when deciding what is a good fit for your pets. Thanks for reading “3 Quality Kennel Pens”.