3 Quality Immune System Supplements For Dogs

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Just like us, a canine’s immune system needs support, especially to help them combat allergies. In conjunction with a good diet and a healthy exercise regimen, supplements can be an ideal solution for helping the immune system, respond quickly to seasonal and environmental allergies. They can also help promote healthy skin and support a good digestive system.

If you are thinking of adding supplements to your dog’s diet, it’s important to consult a veterinarian to get the best advice for a suitable choice. A veterinarian can take into consideration a dog’s age, breed and medical history, in order to give you the best advice concerning immune system supplements. With that being said, below are “3 Quality Immune System Supplements For Dogs” provided to give you an idea of what’s available.

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3. SeaMeal, Kelp-Based.
Supplement for Skin & Coat

By Solid Gold 

Solid Gold offers SeaMeal, a Kelp-Based Supplement for Skin, Coat, Digestive and Immune Health in Dogs and Cats. It has 60 trace minerals, 22 amino acids digestive enzymes, 12 vitamins and flaxseed. This is a blend that is designed to support soft and healthy fur. SeaMeal also contains magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc, B vitamins, pineapple and natural digestive enzymes to help improve the digestibility of your dog’s meals, while also providing essential minerals to support his immune system. SeaMeal is designed to be a safe, natural and holistic formula, that contains antioxidants, seaweed and omega-3 fatty acids, providing nutrients for dogs and cats of all ages. It doesn’t have any artificial flavors or preservatives and can be mixed with your pet’s routine—wet food—feeding.

2. Dog Allergy Chews
& Immune Supplement 

By Premium Care

Premium Care offers Aller-Immune Chews, a supplement that offers seasonal and environmental allergy support for dogs. The Vitamin C and Organic Licorice Root that are contained within, help to promote a healthy immune system response for dogs that have allergies. Also, Aller-Immune Chews have a fluid that’s rich with nutrients called colostrum. It helps to promote healthy nerve tissue, cartilage, bone, collagen, skin and muscles. It also contains other natural ingredients like Kelp and Bee Pollen to help fight toxicity from the environment. It’s vegetable flavored, it does not have any added sugars, artificial preservatives, corn, wheat and it comes with a money back guarantee. 

1. Allergy Immune Supplement
For Dogs

By Zesty Paws

Zesty Paws offers Aller-Immune Bites. Aller-Immune Bites are soft chews—grain free—that provide immune, digestive and histamine support for canines with environmental, seasonal and skin allergies—itching and hotspots. It contains Omega-3, Wild Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil, EpiCor, Digestive Prebiotics and Probiotics. Other ingredients include organic licorice root, apple cider vinegar, colostrum, and a pre-milk.

In conclusion, when helping your dog to fight seasonal and environmental allergies, it’s important to have him stick to a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Also, taking steps to boost your dog’s immune system can be very helpful.

In that regard, it might be worth your while to consider immune system supplements. However, as mentioned above, the first step should be to consult a qualified veterinarian. A vet will be able to help you make an informed supplemental choice for your dog.

With that being said, the above list of immune system supplements for dogs, can give you a good idea of what’s available on the market. Thanks for reading “3 Quality Immune System Supplements For Dogs”.