3 Quality Fetch Toys

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If you’re a dog owner, you know how important it is to plan a routine outing for playtime with your pet. Obviously, you’ll want to do this, so that your dog can get some exercise, develop and maintain coordination skills, to get some training time in and maintain a bond with your furry friend.

One ideal way to accomplish all these things is to play the tried and true game of fetch. A routine game of fetch can stimulate thinking, improve health and relieve anxiety. Also, it’s just good fun for both you and your dog.

With that being said, to play a good game of fetch, you’ll need a quality toy that is durable, visible, chewable, throwable and ultimately, safe. In that regard, below are “3 Quality Fetch Toys” that your dog(s) just might find to be exciting.

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3. Paraflight Flyer, 
Dog Frisbee, Toy Float

By ChuckIt! 

ChuckIt! offers Paraflight Flyer, a frisbee toy that floats. It’s designed to be thrown long distances, so that your dog can retrieve it on land or water. It’s made of multiple layers of nylon and has a rubber edge, that is soft for biting. It’s also designed to float slowly down, so that your dog can catch it easily. The sizes that are available are small and large. The colors it comes in, are blue/orange and green/max glow. 

2. Squeaker Ballz,
Squeaking & Fetching
Tennis Ball Dog Toys

By Outward Hound

Outward Hound offers Squeaker Ballz, a mix between a tennis ball and a squeaky toy. It’s a fetch toy that’s designed to keep your dog’s interest every time he plays with it. The pack comes with multiple bright colors, that are made to be spotted easily and they come in different sizes to accommodate your breed of dog. Made with a quality rubber to ensure a good bounce, this ball is ideal for indoor and outdoor fun with your dog.

1. Ultra Ball

By Chuckit!

Chuckit! offers The Ultra Ball, a brightly colored, lightweight ball that is bouncy and buoyant, which makes it ideal for pool or lakeside fun with your dog. It’s designed with a soft surface, that is textured and has a thick rubber center, that makes it durable for dogs that like to chomp down on their toys. 

In conclusion, increasing your bond with your dog, through a game like fetch is key in order to maintain your relationship. You’ll also provide for him, the exercise that every dog needs for a healthy and happy lifestyle. If you’re considering stepping-up your fetch game with your dog, the above list of “3 Quality Fetch Toys” can help get you started, as you’ll need a quality fetch toy that will last for a long time. Thanks for reading.