3 Quality Dog Toothbrushes

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Just like humans, it’s important for dog’s to have a dental care routine. Dogs are also susceptible to plaque, tartar and gum disease. To prevent the progress of these issues, it’s a good idea to have a teeth brushing routine. However, using a toothbrush that is meant for humans is not ideal.

It’s common to use toothbrushes that are designed specifically for dogs. These toothbrushes are smaller, softer and made to fit in a dog’s mouth. The kind of toothbrush that’s best for your dog, will depend on his size and how comfortable you feel using it.

With that being said, below are “3 Quality Dog Toothbrushes”, provided to help you find a brush that’s suitable for your dog.

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3. 360º Finger Toothbrush Kit
For Dogs(2-Pack)

By Jasper

Jasper offers a 360°, Ergonomic, Finger Toothbrush Kit(2 Pack). The design are bristles that fully surround the finger brush, so as to clean with ease. The material it’s made out of is silicone—BPA free—and when a drop or two of water is added, it expands to fit larger fingers. The bristles are designed to be soft, but effective enough to reduce plaque. It’s a light blue color and it’s made to work on small and large pets.

2. Toothbrush &
Finger Toothbrush 

By Pen Vinoo

Pen Vinoo offers a Pet Toothbrush and Finger Brush Pack for Small to Large Dogs. The pack contains 4 double headed toothbrushes, 4 silicone finger brushes and 3 sets of 2 finger brushes. They’re designed to help reduce plaque/tartar and combat bad breath. The double headed toothbrush is designed to clean areas in your dog’s mouth, that’s hard to reach. The two-finger toothbrush is made from elastic nylon fibers and cotton, to better cling to your finger when brushing your dog’s teeth. The design is threaded, so as to create good friction. The silicone one finger brush, has small bristles on the tip, to create a bushing action with your fingers. This pack is ideal for both dogs and cats and comes in handy for a home with multiple pets.

1. Soft Finger Brushes

By Vet’s Best

Vet’s Best offers 10 Soft Finger Brushes Per Pack. Designed to fit on most fingers, this is a toothbrush that is made to reach the difficult area’s in your pet’s mouth. It’s made out of a safe, food grade silicone—BPA free—for a soft feel, but created strong enough to help remove plaque and tartar. The Vet’s Best Finger Brushes are made to be used on dogs and cats of all life stages.

In conclusion, when managing your dog’s dental care, a teeth brushing routine is very important. In order to effectively brush your dog’s teeth, you’ll need a proper toothbrush that’s designed specifically for dogs. These brushes are smaller and the bristles are softer, making it easier to clean hard to reach places. In that regard, the above list is an example of what’s available, so as to help you in your search to find an ideal brush for your dog. Thanks for reading “3 Quality Dog Toothbrushes”.