3 Quality Dog Grooming Deshedders

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If you have a dog that frequently sheds, then you’re probably finding dog hair on the couch, your clothes, floating across the floor, inside your car and everywhere else. Dealing with your canine’s shedding issues can at first be an annoying task, however, there are tools available that can help you manage you’re dog’s shedding issues with ease.

These tools are called deshedders and they are routinely used by professional groomers and veterinarians to demat, detangle, remove loose hair, knots, dander and dirt. If you’re in search of a proper deshedder to help you stay on top of your dog’s frequent shedding issue(s), below are “3 Quality Dog Grooming Deshedders” that may be an ideal solutions for your situation.

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3. DeShedding Tool
for Large Dogs

By FURminator 

FURminator offers a Deshedding Tool for Large Dogs. Designed to remove 95% of your pet’s shedded fur, the stainless steel edge can go underneath your dog’s uppercoat to remove hair that is loose. It also has a rejector button, that is designed to remove hair from the instrument, as well as clean it easily. “Used and recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers”.

2. Double Sided Brush
For Pet Grooming 

By Maxpower Planet

Maxpower Planet offers a Dual-Sided Pet Grooming Brush. One side has 9 teeth and it’s designed to detangle and deal with difficult mats. The other side has 17 teeth, which is designed for deshedding. This deshedder is made with sharp, yet rounded teeth, that’s designed to simply and harmlessly detach hair that is loose, without agitating or damaging the skin. It’s also made to untangle coats, remove knots, dander and dirt. This tool is designed for pets with thick and hard to manage fur/coats. Maxpower Planet has made this deshedder with a non-slip, lightweight, rubber handle, so that it can be handled comfortably and firmly.

1. Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush
For Dogs and Cats

By Hertzko

Hertzko offers a Self-Cleaning, Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats. It’s made for dematting, detangling, removing dirt, dander and fur that’s loose. Because the bristles are fine wires that are bent, they’re designed to go deeply into your pet’s fur and brush underneath the coat, without doing damage to the skin. Hertzko has also designed this brush to self-clean, by pushing a button that retracts the bristles, thereby removing all the hair and preparing it for the next time you’ll want to groom your pet. This brush is also made with a non-slip, comfortable handle, that’s designed for easy use and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In conclusion, shedding is a common issue among dogs and if gone unmanaged, can cause hair to appear in the most unlikely places. To reduce the amount of dog hair that can quickly accumulate throughout your home, you can simply try using a deshedder. Deshedders have been known to be effective and simple to use—when used routinely and properly. In that regard, the above list of deshedders are provided to help you find a tool, that can suitably manage your dog’s shedding issues. Thanks for reading “3 Quality Dog Grooming Deshedders”