3 Quality Dog Beds

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As a dog owner, you’re probably well aware of how important it is, for your dog to have his own space to relax. By giving your dog his own territory, he can feel more comfortable in his home, while helping to improve his behavior and health.

To that end, a central part of a dogs space is a dog bed. Finding a dog bed that is well suited to your dog can be challenging, but not impossible. In the effort to help you find an ideal place for your dog to lounge, below are “3 Quality Dog Beds” that promote rest, joint relief and comfort.

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3. Orthopedic Dog Bed

By Furhaven 

Furhaven designed this dog lounger with a slope that helps to comfortably contour the cushion to your pet’s form. The openness of the bed’s design, allows a dog to sleep in multiple different positions, while providing good orthopedic support. Lined with faux fur, this firm cushion is made to help reduce stress on your pet’s joints, while also being soft enough for snuggling and a good nights rest. The cover can easily be removed and machine washed.

2. The Original Calming Donut

By Best Friends By Sheri

Best Friends By Sheri offers a soft, round, donut shaped bed that your dog can comfortably lounge in. It’s ideal for dogs that like to relax in a curl. It’s also designed to relieve pressure from the joints and support the head and neck. The Calming Donut comes in 8 different colors and is made out of vegan faux shag fur, which allows your dog to create a comfortable lounging pocket. Also, the cover can be removed and machine washed.

1. Orthopedic,
Memory Foam Pet Bed

By Furhaven

Furhaven has designed an orthopedic bed that allows your dog to comfortably burrow in a cushiony L-shaped corner piece, that’s made to help your dog feel secure and relaxed. Lined with a faux fur that’s plush, the surface is soft and cuddly. Also, the side bolsters are covered with a suede material, that’s soft on your pet’s paws and nose. Designed to relieve stress on the joints, the base is made of an orthopedic egg crate foam and the cover can be easily removed to machine wash.

In conclusion, the above list of dog beds are a small example of what’s available, but it’s a good place to start as you search for a suitable lounger for your furry friend. These beds are designed to provide great support and a restful sleep. It also helps to consult a veterinarian about the type of bed that can best suit your dogs body type. Thanks for reading “3 Quality Dog beds”.